The Union Gospel Mission - Chattanooga, TN
The Union Gospel Mission - Chattanooga, TN
  • Comprehensive Needs:

    Kitchen Needs:    

    Canned Vegetables       Milk         Eggs      Butter       Fresh Vegetables

    Sugar       Pancake Mix       Dish Soap        Frozen Vegetables

    Powdered Milk       Pancake Syrup      Dish Clothes       Dish Towels

    Salt      BBQ Sauce      Sponges/Cleaning Pads      Pepper

    Worcestershire      Season Salt      Soy Sauce  

              Bleach       Hot Pads      Ground Beef       Stew        Beef       

    Boxed Dinners       Pasta         Rice       Bacon     Sausage 

    Canned Biscuits      Instant Potatoes       Salad Dressing       Ketchup 

    Mayonnaise           Mustard         Chicken             Turkey        

      Ham          Hot Dogs        Pork Chops      Coffee Creamer         Flour 

    Dry Cereal         Plastic Glasses       Brooms        Mop Heads           

    Paper Towels          Napkins             Minced Onion      Blankets      

    Paper Plates      Paper Cups          Plastic Silverware                   

    Spaghetti Sauce                Beef Broth Base         Chicken Broth Base

    Canned Soups/Stew                    Pork Roasts                 Beef Roasts  

    Program Needs:

    Shampoo                                   Bar Soap                Shaving Cream         

    Disposable Razors                 Underwear                 Undershirts             

    Pajamas                                Toothbrushes               Toothpaste                  

    Pain Relievers                 Anti-biotic Ointment            Aspirin           

    Twin Sheets                          Pillow Cases                 Bath Towels                

    Wash Clothes                          Bandages                   Deodorant                   

    Aftershave                                 Socks                  Reading Glasses    

    Pens                                            Paper                  Bibles (KJV) Lg. Print 

    Clothing                                    Shoes                          Boots                             

    Dress Clothes                  Gloves(winter)                Coats                             

                          Winter Caps                Strong’s Concordance                    

                    Muscle Pain Reliever              Toilet Paper

    Miscellaneous Needs:

     Cars                             Trucks                         Real Estate                        

    Boats                      Motorcycles                        ATV’s    

    Snowmobiles              Bicycles                        Houses                       

    Appliances            Household items              Furniture 

    Firearms                      Antiques                     Passenger Van              

    Volunteers               Financial Donations