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Current Events!

Summertime Needs!

I love summer!  However, as one whose ministry depends on fundraising, summers always make me nervous.  Why?

Well, because giving always drops off during the summer.  Folk are on vacation or spending time with their kids (who are out of school) or involved in some other activity.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with these things, I'm glad folks are able to enjoy this time of year.  But often, giving is forgotten...

If you have the opportunity and the resources, would you consider a financial gift to help with summertime needs?  The easiest way is to visit www.paypal.me/uniongospelmission.  You can also drop a check in the mail or stop by in person!

So Far in 2018!

We currently have a total of 13 men who are part of one of our residential programs.  This is a little unusual as this time of year the number usually drops, yet this year it is relatively high.

We love the opening this gives us to share with them how to build and develop their relationship with Christ.  The true work of Discipleship.

Please pray for these men as they strive to move forward in their walk with God!

How to Help!

If you or your group are interested in helping the Union Gospel Mission, there are always opportunities.  Work projects, Bible studies, feeding opportunities, or just the opportunity to support the Union Gospel Mission, financially!

Contact us for more information.


The Union Gospel Mission is a men's faith-based, residential,  program that helps individuals with life-controlling issues find their purpose in life through a personal relationship with Christ. 

UGM started in 1950 and has been serving the homeless community in Chattanooga and the Tri-State area for over 65 years providing over 2 million meals, 1 million shelter sleep nights, and over 1 million hours of community service. 

Our  focus is : 

Meeting Needs, Making Change and Magnifying Christ!                                                                                                    

The Union Gospel Mission (Chattanooga Outreach, Inc) is an IRS approved 501(c)3 organization. 

Admission Information


Click on a file to download.

Completed application can be:                                                                     

  • Emailed to mail@theuniongospelmission.org                                              
  • Delivered or mailed to the UGM Office.  
  • Left at the Day Center of the Chattanooga Community Kitchen.

Personal Interview will be scheduled once completed application is received.

G.R.A.C.E. Discipleship Handbook (pdf)




Aftercare/Boarder Handbook (pdf)