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Christ the sin-bearer relieves us of unbearable burden

30 March 2013

As I sit and ponder on the eve of Christ’s Resurrection, I find myself broken hearted. I think of the “Easter” story… the death, burial, and resurrection of our Saviour. That’s easy to say isn’t it? All packaged up in a nice, polite, comfortable phrase, “the death, burial, and resurrection *** .” We are at ease when we consider all

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The physical resurrection of Christ

14 April 2012

 By Wayne Hammel First Corinthians 15 is called the great resurrection chapter in which Paul makes the argument for Christ’s bodily resurrection as ensuring our own resurrection. He makes the argument that if Christ hadn’t been raised, we will not be raised and even further we are still in our

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Christmas, like the cross, tells of His sacrifice

18 December 2010

Most of us probably don’t think of Christmas and sacrifice in the same light.  The only way sacrifice comes into play is from time to time, we may sacrifice something for ourselves to give a Christmas gift to someone we love.  But this year I have been thinking more about the birth of Christ

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Christ’s self-sacrifice — a model for the homeless

28 September 2010

The Word of God is taught at Union Gospel Mission in hopes the Holy Spirit will use it to bring personal reformation and a deeper commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ among men who are given place here. God has occasioned some of these men to find their way spiritually, to make a beginning in residing

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An issue of blood

1 May 2010

By Jon Rector The homeless men staying in our mission are plagued with the sin problem no less, and probably no more, than you or I. The difference is that their sin problem has cast them into poverty and desperation. Sin is a disease for which only the goodness and mercy of God through Jesus Christ

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