Men at mission visit area churches; how about yours?

Union Gospel Mission residents, from left, Mikey and Fred chat after a worship service at Brainerd Hills Presbyterian church.

God’s Word tells us in Hebrews 10:25 not to forsake the “assembling” of ourselves together. For the past three years the Union Gospel Mission has been honoring the Lord by assembling ourselves together for church services at our location at 124 Signal Hills Drive.

But recently, God has influenced me to change our direction. The Union Gospel Mission is and has always been pro-local church, and we intend rather than conduct our own worship services on the first day of the week to visit local churches.

It is my experience that if a man will truly walk with God, in discipleship, faithful attendance to the local body of believers is absolutely vital!

Too often I have seen a man come through our program, get his life in order, then leave our program to “rejoin society” and have his life fail because of his lack of involvement in the local church.

To assist our men to connect with the local church, we will be visiting local churches for our worship and fellowship on Sundays.  Just this month we have visited a Baptist church, a non-denominational community church and a Presbyterian church.  This new direction lets our men experience a variety of ways in which they can worship the Lord and it provides them with an experience that they may have never experienced on their own. — JON RECTOR

Brainerd Hills Pres member Michael Murphy, left, chats with a UGM resident, Daniel.

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